sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

I turn to you

And when I need a friend, you're always on my side
Giving me faith, taking me through the night

For a shield, from the storm
For a friend, for a love to keep me safe and warm
I turn to you
For the strength, to be strong
For the will to carry on
For everything you do
I turn to you

For the arms to be my shelter through all the rain
For truth that will never change, for someone to lean on
But for a heart I can rely on through anything
For the one who, I can run to, I turn to you

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Francisco II disse...

Feliz RE"TURN"! rsrs

Beijos e Feliz Páscoa!

Francisco II disse...
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Bruninha disse...

Deixa comigo!

Malu Giacomelli. disse...